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for that “this is even better than I dreamed” feeling

The Artful Event Co is a creative event design company. We specialise in wildly beautiful weddings, events, celebrations and gatherings.

we create

With innovative and artistic designs we create events that are style focused, unique and distinctive.

we curate

We bring together the best suppliers and most beautiful details all artfully curated into the perfect event design.

you celebrate

Extraordinary experiences for your guests are our speciality, we strive to create the most memorable and original celebrations and events.



Hello, I’m Elle

Hello I’m Elle and I’m really pleased to meet you. I’m a UK Wedding Planner, Event Designer and a Wedding Stylist.

I’ve been wedding planning and styling weddings and events since 2010. I have created weddings in barns, weddings in marquees, weddings on country estates, weddings in private homes, weddings on cliff tops, weddings in the country, even weddings on the beach. My wedding planning and wedding styling has featured in numerous wedding blogs and in wedding magazines.

I love wedding planning and event design, its my passion.

I am going to tell you a little about me….
But then I want to know all about you!!

I’m a tea drinker and a gin lover.  I am creative, crafty and artistic, taking after my mum who is an artist and sculptress. I am addicted to magazines, real magazines with pages to turn…Oh and I love cushions. I really love cushions.  I don’t believe you can ever have enough cushions. I am a serial house renovator and run two holiday letting properties.   I’m never happier than when I’m choosing a paint colour or discovering just the right piece of furniture.

My happy place is by the sea. I live to be by the sea and I love to live by the sea.

But hey enough about me!!!

it’s really

all about you

What I really love about my work is getting to know my clients.  There is no better feeling than when a bride or groom look around on their wedding day and tell me “it is just what we imagined” or “you climbed right inside my head” or “this is even better than I dreamed.”

By getting to know you, I can help you design and plan a wedding that is truly you.  I believe that it is just as important to find out how you want your wedding day to feel, as it is to know how you want it to look.

I want to surprise and amaze your guests with a day that tells your love story.

I am inspired by you, by what you love and by what you hate.  I love finding out what makes you tick, using your story as a couple to help you create a truly personal day.

I love…

working with couples with lots of ideas, but who don’t have lots of time.
working with couples that are style conscious and visually led.
couples who long for a timeless, elegant and contempory celebration that is relaxed and above all, lots of fun!
creating events full of distinctive design and understated luxury.
working with couples who trust me to bring their ideas to life.
working with couples who trust me to help them find their inspiration.
working with couples who are planning a wedding from far away: in another county or even another Country.
working with couples planning a marquee wedding.
working on weddings set in beautiful private estates and homes.
planning weddings that last an entire weekend.
an excuse for a party – so we can help you plan any type of event – not just weddings!

If you are looking for help with your
wedding planning and design, and you think
we sound like a good fit– lets schedule a time to chat

I can’t wait to get to know you!

“Our wedding was more perfect that we ever could have hoped. Thank you so much for your involvement. Thank you so much for making it so easy by taking a huge amount of work off us, therefore allowing us to enjoy the build up stress-free.”

– Karen & Vashti

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