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Why hire an Event Designer /Planner or a Stylist?

The main benefit to most of my clients is how much time I can save them throughout the wedding planning process.  I have nearly 10 years experience of planning and styling events, so to me it is second nature, just as your day job is second nature to you.

I know how to organise and manage events, and I know where to find the best suppliers and products.  By hiring an event planner or a stylist, you can concentrate on the fun and exciting stuff, rather than spending hours trawling the internet for the best supplier of that cutlery you love, at a reasonable price.

I work hard to make sure that wedding planning never seems like a chore, never seems overwhelming or stressful and that is why you hire me!

This seems like a large chunk of my budget to spend?

As mentioned above, the main benefit to most of my clients is the time I can save.  What this is worth to you financially will depend on you and the value you put on your own time!

So yes paying for our services will use up a proportion of your budget, but remember I know where to go to source the best suppliers, and I negotiate the best deals on your behalf.  I also help you manage your budget to ensure that you do not overspend and choose where to spend your money effectively.  I want to give each client my full creativity and dedication; this means I only take a limited number of weddings a year.  My rates are set accordingly to the amount of my time I will spend working on your wedding. I value you and I want to offer you the best service possible, and my pricing reflects this.

What is the difference between Event/Wedding Design, Wedding Planning and Styling?

Think of planning your wedding like building a house!

An Event Designer is similar to an architect. They work not only on the design of your event, thinking about how it will look and how it feels, but also how it will work practically for you.  Just like an architect, they will also manage the logistics, find your suppliers and co-ordinate every detail.  An event designer takes every single element of the wedding or event into consideration.  I am an event ‘designer’ as I look at my events with a totally holistic approach. I do more.

A Wedding Planner is more like a building project manager – they are great at managing logistics and suppliers, sticking to timetables, overseeing operations, problem solving and delivering great results.  Some are also good at helping you ensure your event looks nice, but it isn’t always their speciality.  Not all wedding planners are also stylists.

An Event Stylist is similar to an interior designer. They deal with the aesthetic of an event, how it will look and if they are good, how it will feel. They don’t get quite so involved with all the technical stuff, but they know where to find the best sofas!

I am not sure which service is best for me?

Which service will suit you will depend on the following:

  1. a) How much time do you have to spend planning and designing your event or wedding?
  2. b) How much money do you have to spend?

c)How creative and hands on you wish to be?

The most amount of help and assistance we offer is our full Wedding/Event Design service – if you are really short on time, but have a budget of over £70,000 to spend on your wedding then this is the option for you.

If time is an issue, but you have a smaller budget (generally £25,000 plus) – Think about our Co-Ordination and Styling services. Either individually or together these options offer great support during your wedding planning process, avoiding the stress and the overwhelm. These services also work well if you really want to stay hands on during the planning process, but need some help along the way plus extra support during the wedding or event itself!

Funds are super tight and/or you are very creative and really want to do everything yourself but……. you are not sure where to start – then our fabulous virtual styling service is perfect for you.  We will get you started, help you refine your ideas and give you a clear and realistic ideas about the work and time involved. Also consider one of our wedding styling master classes!

I have already chosen my florist, can you still help with the styling?

Yes of course, we are happy to work with your chosen suppliers, whether that be caterers, florists or even a family friend, just let us know who you’ve booked and we will work closely alongside them.

I've already booked most of my wedding suppliers - do you offer a partial planning service?

Yes, we can discuss partial planning services depending on how far down the line you are with the planning process, alternatively you could consider booking our Styling and Co-ordination services together.

I already know exactly how I want my wedding to look - do I need a planner or stylist?

Of course, I love working with clients who have a clear vision of what they want their wedding to be. We can help you achieve that vision with less stress, less time, and probably less money than going it alone!

I love your style and really need some help but I am on a really tight budget?

If this is the case our brilliant “Virtual Stylist service is just for you! Also perhaps think about signing up for one of our wedding master classes to learn how to style your day yourself!

Will you be there on the day?

I will be there to support you for as long as required if you book our full Wedding Design services.

If you choose Wedding Styling or Co-ordination we will be on site for the day before your wedding and the day of the wedding. We also offer an optional tidy up service for the day after the wedding, and you can book extra days for other events like rehearsal dinners or day after parties.


When/How do we pay?

I take a 40% non-refundable booking fee when you confirm your booking. The balance is due one month before your wedding or event.

(The booking fee is non refundable because I work with a limited number of clients a year. This means I may have to turn down several potential clients to work with you. The booking fee covers loss of revenue should you have to cancel your wedding and we can not rebook your date. We will of course support you wherever we can if unforeseen circumstances mean you have to cancel or postpone your wedding, but please be aware that the booking fee also covers the hours of work we work on your wedding or event from the moment you initially contact us. Please do read our terms & conditions when booking.)

Frequently asked questions

for business

What kind of businesses do you work with?

I work with all types of businesses, I have even styled cheese for a well known cheese company(!) but I specialise in interiors, accommodation, product, lifestyle, hospitality and wedding brands.

My business doesn't have a huge budget, why should I invest in a stylist?

A library of strong imagery is really the most powerful tool you have as a business. Of course you can buy stock imagery and you can snap things on your iPhone, you can even hire a photographer and ask them to create a photoshoot or product imagery for you.

But when it comes to creating really high quality images for either your website, social media channels, blog and PR, nothing can replace professionally styled imagery.  Hiring a stylist can save you not only time (which when you run your own business is invaluable) but also save you money by creating a library of images in one go.  We know where to go to source the best suppliers, negotiate the best deals on your behalf and help you manage your budget.  I also really dig deep to get to the bottom of your brand, so I know exactly what images you require to sell your brand.

What kind of images do you create?

I help you to create images to elevate your brand! This can be any type of imagery you require; it might be lifestyle imagery, it might be product imagery, it could be studio or location imagery or it could be imagery that portrays you, your business, your product or your service.

I already have a photographer can you work alongside them?

Yes, I am more than happy to work with your chosen suppliers.

How much do you charge?

My rates start at £350 for a day in my studio shoot for product shots,  and up to £950 for a days editorial, lifestyle or brand shoot on location. Please get in touch to receive a rate card and media pack explaining how I can help you elevate your brand imagery.

Why should I attend your master class?

If you are a wedding planner, or stylist, or run/work for a wedding venue, we can help you learn how to style for a real wedding. I can show you everything I have learned over nearly 10 years in the industry.  I will highlight the pit falls to avoid, give you time and money saving tips, provide recourses as well as helping you understand how to provide the very best service to your clients.

If you are a photographer, stylist or planner, or you create a wedding related service or product and you would like to know how to plan and execute a photo shoot then our Photo Shoot Masterclass is just right for you. We cover all aspects of designing, planning and shooting as well as tips and advice for submissions and lots lots more.

When, where and how much are your master classes?

Sign up here to be the first to hear about our master class dates and location. We will be running classes in the North West, London, and the South West in 2018.

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