When I work with a couple to design their wedding I really get to know them to help me personalise their day. I ask them what they love to do, where they love to go, I even ask them what they have in their home!

Why is personalisation so important? Well its important for lots of reasons but here are a few:

  • Makes your wedding different from any one else.
  • Makes your guests feel special and loved.
  • Tells your guests a little about yourselves.
  • Gives a direction to your wedding planning and styling.
  • It feels like home to you and your partner, putting you at ease for your big day.

Think of personalising your wedding as telling your story.

I ask all of my clients to fill in a questionnaire all about themselves. It helps me get to know them, but it also helps them start to think about how they can personalise their wedding. 

I ask about all kinds of things, from how their house is decorated? (helps me start to work on their colour personality which helps me build their wedding colour pallet – watch out for more on this soon!)

I ask where they met, and how they got engaged. (Details that not all of your guests will know that we can weave into the story telling of your wedding)

I ask them what food they like to eat. (this may help with menu choices, ideas for favours or even give the wedding styling a certain direction.)

I ask where they like to go on holiday and how they like to spend their time. (Sharing things you love with your guests is a great way to personalise your day.)

 Ways to personalise your day:


Do you have a cultural heritage or family background that is meaningful to you that you could work into your day – for example a great friend of mine has Jewish roots – she didn’t have a Jewish wedding but she did choose to have her civil ceremony under a traditional Chuppah.  One of my previous clients did not have wedding favours but had a favour station, which had a selection of gifts traditionaly given at weddings in Nigeria, brought all the way from Nigeria by the groom’s mother.  Your culture and background may even influence what you choose to wear on your wedding day.


Choose music that tells your guests a little about you – I walked down the aisle to a song that was really important to myself and my husband, I guess its our song. It was a non traditional choice for a church wedding, but as soon as I heard the opening bars from outside the church I relaxed and felt completely at ease. It is possible that only a very few of our guests know the song, but it really made this moment feel incredibly special to Mr WG and myself.

Perhaps you met at a music event, and you will bring your musical influences into your décor, or personal touches to give your guests.


I have worked recently with a client this year who loves Disney films. We used really subtle references to her favorite stories throughout the wedding. It was not a “theme”, but it was a thread of her story that carried throughout the day. The guests loved spotting the little references, and would say “ oh its so her”.


Signs and stationery are fabulous ways to personalise your day – Line the aisle with love quotes, or create a timeline of your love story along the pathway to your church. 


Personalise your drinks – do you have a favorite tipple? For one client I created a Gin bar with 5 different variations of a Gin and tonic. For another the groom loved Whisky so we created a whisky and cigar station after the wedding breakfast for guests to sample his favorite tipples. 


Personalise your menu. Your food can tell a tale all by itself. My sister chose to have giant sharing pies for the main course of her wedding breakfast, because a love of pies is something her and her husband have always shared. Its comfort food for both of them, and it seemed like the only choice for their menu. Your culture or background may influence your menu, or a place you love to travel to could mean you choose a certain type of food. Your menu choices can tell your guests a little more about you!


I will write more about choosing your wedding colour palette soon, but this is a subtle but powerful way to personalise your day. Choosing your colour palette is so much more than just finding colours that “match”. I encourage my clients to discover their own colour personalities, which then helps them find a colour personality for their wedding. Finally, we build a colour pallet to suite that personality! Stay tuned to my blog to hear more about this!

Free Download:

Click here to download a copy of my “Personalise Your Wedding” Quiz, and find out how to personalise your wedding!

Love, Elle

Image credits: Ricky Staple, Rebecca Rees, Irena K, Ben Photography, Mckenzie Brown Photography. With thanks!


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