As you may know by now, I work with businesses as a brand stylist and a creative director! “But what does that mean?” I hear you ask!

As a “brand stylist” I help businesses create a brand that appeals to their ideal client, ultimately to sell their product or service. We look carefully at who the ideal client is, and then we work out where to find them, how to attract them and of course how to persuade them to buy what we are selling!

As a “creative director” I design, co-ordinate, style and direct photo-shoots/film shoots working alongside photographers & film makers to create the images to help my clients create strong brands.

There are various types of imagery that you can use as tools to attract your ideal client.

There are various types of imagery that you can use to sell your product or service to your ideal client:

  • Product Images.
  • Styled product Imagery
  • Lifestyle photography, and films.
  • Personal Branding Photography and films.
Product Photography

This is photography of your product, what ever that is!
If you have a physical product it will usually be against a neutral background, and will show the product only.
If you don’t have a physical product it is likely that you will use one of the other types of imagery noted below to promote and sell your business, although the principles of good product photography can be used for any service based business.

Product photography should be:

  • A quick and simple reference for a client to see exactly what they are buying.
  • An accurate representation of the product.
Styled Product Photography

Styling a product image enhances how the product or service is perceived by the potential customer. We try to show the customer why they might want to buy the product or service, how they might use the product or service and importantly how it will improve their lives. Styling an image can be something as simple as adding props to a product image give scale to a product, allowing a potential purchaser to gauge its size and so suitablilty.  A more complex type of styled product photography would be styled Interiors imagery used to show of a room or space to its very best.

Lifestyle Photography

This is a slightly different medium of styled imagery, and it can be an essential part of every brands marketing imagery. Lifestyle imagery focuses on a much wider picture than product imagery. Lifestyle imagery evokes feelings and uses those to promote and sell a product or service.

Editorial or Brand Styled shoots are all forms of lifestyle photography – they are used to tell a specific story so that your “dream client” can imagine themselves in a particular scenario. For example, a wedding venue might use a styled shoot to show a potential bride and groom what their wedding day could look and feel like. A hotel will use lifestyle images to show a potential guest what their holiday could feel like. A clothing brand might use lifestyle images to show a potential client the type of person who buys their product.

If you look at any high street clothing or interiors brand they will use all three types of imagery:
1. Product imagery: An image of a garment/product usually shown against a neutral background.
2. Styled product imagery: A photo of a garment worn by a model/ a product used in a realistic setting i.e. a lamp on a table.
3. Lifestyle imagery: Images of people wearing the brand clothing in a real life situation, or a product in a whole room setting.

Lifestyle PhotographyPersonal Branding Photography

Personal branding is an often overlooked but invaluable tool for any business. It is especially essential for small businesses. Personal branding makes a brand just a brand it makes it, well – Personal.  Everyone has heard the phrase “people buy people”, but in an ever more technological world, customers crave the revival of the personal touch. Personal branding imagery is images of you, Images of what you do and how you do it.  What type of personal branding is right for you, will come down to who your ideal client is.  I will talk more about personal branding in a future post!

Hopefully this post will help you think a little more closely about the types of images you currently use to attract your clients, promote and sell your product or service and how it can effect your brand.  Next week I will talk about how to choose what type of imagery you need for your business, and where you might use it.

Love, Elle

Thank you to Mathew Hawkey, Rebecca Rees and Ben Photography for the images in this article


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