Hopefully you read my previous blog post “Engaged – Now What Part 1

Have you settled down and chatted to your partner about your wedding plans and identified (and written out) those lovely “Three Top Priorities”.

The next big question is Budget.

 Many couples start wedding planning never having planned a large scale event before, so have no idea where to start as far as setting a wedding budget goes.

The first step of planning your wedding budget should be to discuss what you feel comfortable spending.  A wedding is an important event, but has to be affordable within the confines of the rest of your life. You have to work out what you wish to spend on your wedding. I remember one groom saying “I can’t justify paying more for wedding flowers than I spend on my mortgage for a year” And I would tend to agree, I think it’s a good idea to keep some perspective when planning a wedding budget. 

Are you paying for your wedding yourself, or will someone else be contributing for example one or both sets of parents? If someone else is contributing it is important that you have this budget conversation with them too.  I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to do this at the beginning of the process. Nothing makes wedding planning difficult like unexpected expenses! Your idea of a “contribution” may be very different from somebody elses expectation.

Most wedding magazines and blogs will have estimates and averages of what couples spend on their wedding, but it really is as long as a piece of string. I’ve seen beautiful weddings with £100,000 plus budgets, but I’ve seen equally lovely weddings planned with budgets of less than £5000. It all comes down to your priorities. 

So you’ve set your budget. Now you can allocate it. I like to start by doing a little research into those “top three” things.  Have a look at how much the dream scenario for those three things might cost, so you can start to get an idea of costings, and allocate a proportion of your budget to these.

These are the things that I suggest you approach first in the wedding planning process…

1. A wedding planner

Now you may not be sure if you need a wedding planner, and this will depend on various things: have a look at my FAQs to find out more but in brief:

The main benefit to hiring a wedding planner is the gift of time a good wedding planner will have years’ worth of experience of planning events, so the process is second nature, just as your day job is second nature to you. A professional planner knows how and where to find the best venues and suppliers. They know the best way to organise logistics and schedules, they know the potential pitfalls!

By hiring an event planner or a stylist, you can concentrate on the fun and exciting stuff, rather than spending hours trawling the internet for the best suppliers of all those details.  A wedding planner is also experienced at managing budgets, and therefor can offer advise on the best way to spend your budget.  There are great wedding planners, stylists and coordinators available for most wedding budgets, so don’t assume just because you have a smaller budget you can’t afford some professional assistance! 

Next on the list should be:

2. Wedding Venue
3. Ceremony if not at the same venue
4. Food
5. Photographer

Its worth both researching and booking these things early in the process so you can allocate budget for them. These these wedding suppliers often get booked up up to two years in advance, and the best always get snapped up first, so to ensure your first choice you may need to start early.

Watch out for some advice about finding your dream wedding venue next week!

Please feel free to download my wedding budget planner here.

 If you would like to discuss how I can help you during the wedding planning process please book a consultation.


Love, Elle


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